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Language Immersion

Learn Spanish in Spain

If you choose our Spanish language School to study Spanish in Spain, you will enjoy your travel to the fullest in a friendly, lively atmosphere.

Customized Spanish language learning programs for groups and individuals, best quality intensive Spanish courses for students of all levels and ages (students over 50, young students, families), as well as excursions, cultural and outdoor activities around Spain.

Study abroad with us and enjoy our exclusive language immersion courses which is recognised as the best communicative learning methodology to learn a second language.

Travel to Spain, dream in Spanish, Study abroad…

Escuela de Español. Aprender español en España.

Escuela de español para aprender el idioma en España.
Cursos de español para extranjeros en España.

Spanish language school. Study - Learn Spanish in Spain

Spanish language school. Learn Spanish in Spain.

École d’Espagnol. Apprendre l’Espagnol en Espagne

École d’Espagnol. Apprendre l’Espagnol en Espagne.

Sprachschule Spanien. Spanisch lernen in Spanien, Spanische Sprachschulen

Spanisch-Sprachschule. Sprachreisen Spanien, Spanisch Lernen in Spanien.
Spanischkurse Spanien. Sprachreisen nach Spanien, Interaktive und Praktikum Sprachen. Sprachkurse im ausland.

Scuola di spagnolo. Imparare lo spagnolo in Spagna

Scuola di spagnolo per imparare lo spagnolo in Spagna.

Spanska språkskola. Lära dig spanska i Spanie

Spanska språkskola. Lära dig spanska i Spanie. Studera spanska i spanien.

Spaanse Talenschool. Leer Spaans in Spanje

Spaanse Talenschool. Leer Spaans in Spanje.

Escola de Espanhol. Aprender Espanhol em Espanha

Escola de Espanhol. Aprender Espanhol em Espanha.

Spanyol Nyelviskolában. Tanuljon spanyolul Spanyolországban

Spanyol Nyelviskolában. Tanuljon spanyolul Spanyolországban.

Španska šola. Učenje španščine v Španija, lekcije španščine

Španska šola. Učenje španščine v Španija, lekcije španščine.





Activities for students

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Abanico Spanish School in Spain. Language courses in Málaga (Costa del Sol) and Salamanca - Study / Lean Spanish in Spain
Study Spanish in our Schools in Málaga & Salamanca. Spanischschule: Sprachferien Spanien Urlaub, Sprachreisen Andalusien, Sprachreisen Spanien, Spanisch lernen in Spanien. Lernen Sie Spanisch in Spanien

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